Thursday, August 19

Back to School

Okay, I would like to apologize.  I have not been a very good blogger this week.  It may stay that way for the next few days -- I don't know yet, how long it will take to get back into the routine of things. 
As you know it is back to school time.  For me this time of year is additionally complex, as some of you can relate to, because my two youngest daughters are coming home from spending the whole freaking summer with their dad.  I picked them up at the airport yesterday (late afternoon, got home by evening).  School also started yesterday for my high schooler so she missed the first day.  I actually also let her stay home today too.  Heck, the girl needs more than a couple of hours to re- adjust and unpack, etc.  I better stop now before I start a venting rampage. 
Needless to say, I'm sooooooo happy to have them home, but the blog posts will be short for a few more days until we get settled and back to some semblance of normalcy (school starts for my youngest this coming Monday).

Thank you, dear viewers for your patience, love, and understanding!

I will give you some hints of what may appear in the future though . . .

Really, I had decided to stop crocheting for a loooonnng while, but that is just not happening.  I am making the cutest pair of slippers I've ever seen (sorry for the lack of humility) and will post them soon (hopefully).

I also want to conjure up a crocheted ear-warmer headband for the upcoming cold months and to start getting some Christmas present projects done.

I also want to share my very most favoritest cheesecake recipe.

If I get really ambitious I'll be sewing up some cute skirts for my girls for school too (I'll have to be pretty darn ambitious though for this one!).


  1. Hooray for them coming home! :)

  2. I saw the cutest crocheted headband @ the fair on cute...I want one!

  3. I love crocheted headbands. They're so cute + in right now.


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